I shot my first documentary at the age of 11 with a hand-me-down 8mm camera. It was about the different mailboxes in our street and ended with me getting bitten by a dog. So let say it gathered 'mixed reviews'. 

I’ve been producing content for the past 20 years across a range of broadcast and online environments. I’ve made everything from sketch comedy, to documentary series, to corporate communications and training videos. Really, I just like making interesting stuff. 

For a while I worked as the Director of Applications and Technology for The Media Architects. Under my direction, our little startup developed cutting edge, multi-platform digital distribution solutions for some of the Asia Pacific region's leading film festivals. It was pretty cool while it lasted.

Nowadays you'll find me doing the corporate thing at Data#3 Ltd. I work with clients across Education, Government, and the private sector to produce digital content and multi-medium assets focussed on business productivity, education, product marketing and corporate communications.

In my spare time, you'll often see me lurking around the startup scene here in Brisbane. Probably because I'm a bit of a gear-head but also because I produce a doco series on startups called, "#Ventured". I do offer my services (consulting, production, general handsomeness) to general businesses via my partnership with Lestrade Digital. So if you've got something you'd like to produce - or simply want to have a chat - feel free to get in touch.






I have a background in Broadcast Engineering, Journalism & Digital Production. This unique skill set allows me to produce content tailored to a specific audience - for a specific purpose - while also being able to advise on a specific means of delivery.

That's just a fancy way of saying, "I can create something for you and show you the best way to get it seen by the audience you want - whether public or private."

Samples of some recent projects I've managed &/or produced are listed below. In many of these I acted as the primary client liaison as well as guy in the trenches getting it done. This is because I like to develop a collaborative working relationship with my clients. It ensures I can deliver stuff successfully and provides you with an exceptional outcome. Plus, I like meeting and working with new people. 






Putting the “Production” into “Digital Producer”, I come equipped with all my own high-end gear. This includes capacity for 4.6K capture, multi-channel audio recording, and colour grading workflows. Just tell me what you need produced and I’ll produce it!


Key Production Skills Include:

  • Storyboarding and Scriptwriting
  • Live action video capture
  • Lighting and Cinematography
  • Video Editing in Adobe Premiere
  • Audio Editing in Adobe Audition
  • Colour grading in Lumetri Colour and DaVinci Resolve


I’m a visual thinker who specialises in multi-channel content marketing. Whether the client is launching a new product or rebranding completely, I can design and produce the assets required to maximise engagement.


Key Marketing Skills Include:

  • Copywriting and visual design
  • Workflow automation
  • Social Media Content & Management
  • Graphic Design in Adobe Photoshop
  • Graphic Design in Adobe Illustrator
  • Document Design in Adobe InDesign

Project Management:

I’ve managed development teams internally, externally, and every possible mix in-between. My strict adherence to timelines, budgets, and milestones ensures my clients receive exceptional outcomes.


Key Skills Include:

  • Specialisation in Agile Methodology
  • Specialisation in PM/PMBOK
  • Local or Remote team management
  • Scrum Master
  • Clear client communication
  • I buy lots of donuts & I'm generally nice guy


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