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Every business is expected to produce quality video content these days but creating content internally is not always easy.

Sometimes you need a little outside help.


When you hire me to produce corporate content for you it’s my job to make you look your best on camera, sound your best in conversation, and deliver your best message.  Using a mix of interviews, b-roll footage, animation, and voice over; I love helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to tell their stories.  


Are you launching a new product and want to do a series of User benefit interviews? Cool. I can help. Has your business grown substantially and now you need to do some corporate re-positioning to engage a different market? Excellent. I got you. Are you committing to an uplift training program and need to create visual assets to help educate your staff? I got the know-how. I can help.


I produce corporate content for my clients with same enthusiasm and energy that I bring to any other shoot. I can work in consultation with your existing marketing team to create content that is so on-brand it looks like you made it yourself. And i've worked in marketing too. I understand that you need more than just one video. I can provide you with deliverables for TV, cinema, web, or social media as required with no surprise, hidden costs. I want your content to be seen by as many people as you do. 

Different Types of  content I can produce for you:

  • External stakeholder announcements,

  • Product or service adverts (TV, Web, Social),

  • Internal communications for larger organisations,

  • User review and product overviews,

  • End user training or education videos,

  • and much, much more.

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While the scope for every job changes the effort involved, the process of creating content remains pretty consistent with a workflow of Initial Consultation, Production, Post-Production, and Review. 

I’ve broken down the details of each step below so you have a better insight into what’s involved in each.


Initial Consultation.

So you want to make a video (or a series of videos) and someone gave you my details. Cool.

This is where we get to know each-other and I get an understanding of what you’re looking to create (Pro-tip: Have some similar examples of stuff you like as well as stuff you don’t like. This makes things muuuch easier).  

Working together we’ll scope out the project, lock in some timelines for production, post production, and review; and I’ll be able to give you a quote for the scope of work required and let you know if you need create any scripts etc. before we start. Once that’s all sorted, we move into production.


This is the lights, camera, action! part. Depending on the scope of work, you’ll have either myself or my crew come to the shooting location (maybe your office, maybe a studio space, maybe another location entirely. It all depends on the scope) to film all of the requirements outlined in the initial consultation.

This could include interviews, b-roll, product shots, a car chase, hot yoga, slow motion footage of custard filled balloons being burst (seriously. One time!). Whatever we’ve discussed and talked about filming, this is when we do it.


This is where all of that excellent footage we shot in production gets colour graded, mixed, edited and turned into a series of deliverables as defined during the initial consultation.

My team and I might cut out a long form version of your video, a couple of short form versions for social media, create some poster images, whatever you identified -  we’ll make it for you and get ready to deliver it to you in the review phase.

One thing I like to do is turn initial post production around pretty quickly -  say a week or two depending on the scope. I don’t like waiting for stuff too long, so why should you? I like to give you something as quickly as possible so we can move into…

Review and Sign-Off:

Guess what? Your videos are ready and will be delivered to you via Dropbox in proxy format. What’s a proxy? It’s an easy to view, lightweight version of the deliverable file.

This allows you to watch your content and suggest any changes (maybe tweak a colour on a logo, maybe cut this line that Dave says, maybe update the URL to a new landing page for this campaign etc.) so I can make a final pass of the content and create all your glorious HD/UHD digital masters.

Pending their file size, these may be delivered digitally or supplied on USB so you can distribute them to your eager audience. It’s at this point that you’ll be invoiced for the work with payment due on delivery.

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The biggest determining factor in any production is simply the scope of work being undertaken.


Are you trying to produce Avatar? Or are you producing Strictly Ballroom? In either case, I can help you sculpt a video scope to match your available budget.

To make things simple, I charge a set hourly rate for Production, a lower rate for Post-Production, and a small equipment rental fee (based on the stuff required for the shoot).

During the Initial Consultation you'll be given a quote with an estimate of the associated costs so everything's transparent and the only surprise you can expect is how good I made you look on camera!

If you'd like to get in touch and have a chat about any corporate content you'd like my help with, give me a call or drop me an email to talk more.