AACTA TV is an online viewing platform that allows you to watch a collection of Australia's best films online – anytime, anywhere.

Whilst some content is available at different times of the year, the key purpose of AACTA TV is to provide our members with access to the short films, feature length documentaries and a selection of the feature films in competition for the AACTA Awards.

This assists our members to vote for the Awards, and is particularly beneficial for members residing outside of capital cities, and those who live abroad.



In 2009 the Australian Film Institute put out a tender to build and deliver a secure, video-on-demand platform for the digital distribution of AFI Award nominees. The Media Architects won the tender and with the first iteration of our E.V.E platform.

Using Adobe Flex (and delivering applications in Adobe Air) we created the first application based VOD platform with integrated Flash Access DRM in the Asia Pacific region. The application allowed AFI Members to stream and download encrypted content for HD viewing on their personal devices.

Over the years I worked with AFI/AACTA, I was the project lead and primary liaison for AFI TV/AACTA TV. I designed the UI for the desktop, iOS and Android applications and managed both our internal and external development teams.


  • Built in Adobe Flex
  • Adobe Access for DRM protection
  • PHP server side solution (EVE)
  • JSon parsing for content metadata
  • iOS application on phone and tablet
  • Android Application
  • Desktop application in Adobe Air
  • Customised AWS Cloudfront and Buckets configuration created for CDN
  • HLS and f4v media