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Event Videos and Live Music

I can extend your event from in-room gathering to engaging a global audience. Or boost awareness on the day with rolling photo coverage published directly to social media to generate major FOMO. The opportunities are endless. I'm here to help.

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Making the most of one story

An event video doesn’t stand alone. We like to develop a suite of content with our partners so that the ultimate deliverable is not just one video that lives on YouTube but a strategy of communications across multiple outputs and formats.

Get excellent coverage before, during, and after your event

I can help you produce content tailored to your objectives.

Promotion and Pre-release Media

The experience starts before the day

My team and I can create promotional material for your upcoming event using existing video or photographic assets with new music, new information, and new dates. The final product will be ready to insert into any and every platform so you can invite and excite your audience. We can also film new material, such as interviews with speakers, stakeholders, or other key participants, to build anticipation for what’s coming.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a way to extend your event or presentation to a global audience. Using multi-camera acquisition we can produce HD and 4K broadcasts of your events with coverage from wide shots, close ups, slides, pre- and post- roll video, music and anything else.

Photo Streaming

A terrific way to inspire FOMO and share the story of the day with a wider audience is rolling photographic coverage. With photo streaming, we can take the photos we’re taking and turn it into social content on the fly during the event.

This gives you and your audience a photographic log, showing the event happening in real time, and sharing the event across social media, letting the whole world participate. Photos can be combined with key either speaker takeaways or photo summaries.

Event summary video

Showcase what happened on the day with a summary video, comprising live footage from the event, B roll, and interviews with key participants to show the impact, the legacy, the feeling on the day.

This gives attendees something to share, summarises the experience for those who couldn’t make it, and attracts those who might come next time.

Event Photography

My team will handle photographic coverage of your event to provide you with stills ready for print and digital for you to use in your collateral, social feeds, email newsletters, and brand assets.

Interviews & Testimonials

Share insight from attendees to drive your next event with testimonails and interviews. These can be created for stakeholder engagement, social media, or even packaged together for broadcast news.

Want to be involved? Apply now!

Thanks for sreaching out. I'll be in touch shortly to have a chat.

 Production Workflow

How I do what I do when I work for you, boo. xoxo.


If you've got an idea for a video, a campaign or a concept to bring to life, we’ll start by getting together to talk about (1) deliverable requirements and (2) the actual executable actions for turning that idea into a reality.

During our initial conversation, we’ll tackle questions like:

  • What are the types of videos that we're looking to make?

  • Who are they for?

  • How are they going to be produced?

  • Where are they going to be produced?

  • Where are they ultimately going to be delivered? Where are they going to live?

At the end of this phase you'll have quote options, delivery timeframes, and a schedule for production of your project. A 50% initialisation cpayment is required to commence.


This is when we'll capture all the components we need to produce your brief. We offer various types of production services, and they scale up in terms of crew, as per the requirements.

For example, if you need to do a music video with one person and a camera, we can do a music video with one person and a camera. If you want to do corporate communications, or a live streamed event, we will often need 2-5 crew to staff a production like that. Costs associated with those productions do scale accordingly.

Depending on the project, it could be interviews with various stakeholders, B roll on site with a customer to show them using your tool, technology or product. Or it could be webinars, live music or streaming.


Post-production varies from engagement to engagement, but post production usually involves conforming, archiving, colouring and mastering your content.

I take it from RAW, log format (the format that video is initially captured in), colour grade it so it all looks beautiful, correct all the audio so that everyone sounds great, and then mix and edit all that together into the deliverables agreed to in pre-production.

During post-production we will often provide an early look at content deliverables in an unfinished format for early feedback and revision. We’ll show you where it’s up to and what we’re thinking. This is to invite discussion on how we’ve incorporated your brand and the messaging so that the final content is just right.

Review and Delivery

Once all content has been finalised we'll provide digital download links to all content deliverables as discussed in pre-production. Physical media copies of all content may also be created at this time (if required).

This typically includes master videos, a series of 30 sec - 1min social videos, and some graphic heavy 10 - 15 sec highlights; as well as caption (.srt files) and versions with captions burned into the video (CAP).

You can have a look at the entire suite of content that we've started to put together before final sign off and delivery.

A completion payment of 50% is due at this stage.


Give your fans a chance to see a gig without being in the room

Your audience is global so engage with them on global platforms. Using multi-camera coverage so that everyone in the band looks their best, we can do full-length set recording, promotional videos for tours or albums, and social content.

With a relatively light equipment footprint, we can insert ourselves into venues of all shapes and sizes from pub gigs to stadium shows.

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Create locally, broadcast globally

Take your content to the world with live streaming

Reinvent the how you engage your fans

Bring back the stage. We can plug all of our existing technology and skills into enhancing your webinars.

With multi-camera coverage, slides, graphics, music, and video, you can run webinars via your platform of choice but with TV broadcast production quality.

In global marketplace this is a great way to revitalise and re-engage your audience, all on the same platforms your team and audience is used to.

Go big. Go Live

Put your next gig on the small screen by transforming an in-person event into a TV broadcast. I’ll provide a crew of 1-5 people to cover and produce all content.

We can currently live stream to all popular consumer platforms: FB, YT, Twitter, Twitch, IG, LI...or any other customer RCMP location, including services like Restream IO and Open Briefing.

Music Videos

The most fun you can have with your pants on

Music videos are an avenue for endless possibilities but on a limited budget.  Honestly one of my favorite things is working with bands to develop a unique visual identity and storytelling approach for each music video I produce.

They can be everything from performance pieces, to narrative pieces, to weird and experimental video synthesis pieces and everything in between. If you want to make music video, let's have a chat. I'm open to all genres.


Will the cameras intrude on the guest experience?

We design and deploy the set ups for every event around the audience, while still providing the viewer the best experience.

What other kinds of events can you do videography and photography for?

We do weddings, funerals, stage shows, sports, and pretty much any live performance. If you’re not sure, get in touch and let’s talk it over.

Do we need to get people’s permission to be filmed?

Yes - most institutions include this in their enrollment packs, and terms and conditions. If you would like a release form template, we can provide this.

On what account do you publish a photo stream?

Working with a member of your team, we can publish photo streams directly to the social accounts for your event or organisation. Streams can also be published to the accounts of any key stakeholders, or any other accounts that you have access to and authority for.

Can you provide the raw footage?

Raw footage can be supplied and provided to you in either digital or HDD copies - additional service fees may apply.

How fast can we get an event summary video?

Depending on scope, event summary videos can be delivered in as little as one to two days

Will you share the footage?

We understand that some footage may be commercial in confidence. No footage is released to anyone outside of the intended audience.

How long do you keep the footage?

We hold footage in traditional data storage for 3 months post release. Additional data storage can be provided for an additional fee.

Will you do revisions and changes after sign off?

Once all content is signed off, we will do any additional revisions and changes within a 3 month window for an additional fee.

What if the talent hasn’t had much experience on camera, are nervous, or don’t speak well?

I have vast experience interviewing and working with talent across a really broad range - kindergarteners to CEOs. We’re actively engaged when we’re shooting - our job is to get the talent to perform to the best of their ability.

Whether they’re using a pre-scripted statement or a question and answer format, I’ll provide on-set coaching and feedback to help the talent deliver the message with the best of their ability.

What happens if the talent doesn’t know what to say?

Sometimes talent won’t be sure of what to say - I’ll always have some questions prepared based on the briefs provided. I’m happy to work with you on this during pre-production as well.

Are you vaccinated?

We ensure every shoot is as COVID safe as possible. This means all  of our producers are fully vaccinated and we disinfect equiptment between shoots. We will also comply with any and all requirements you or your organisation may have.

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