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Telling Stories Big and Small


Live Streaming

Engage with a global audience

I can produce HD multi-camera coverage for your events or presentations to be broadcast worldwide on a range of popular streaming platforms.

We also record and edit all livestream events to create additional social shorts or promotional materials.

Corporate Video

Content tailored to your objectives

Do you want to do some corporate  storytelling? Or maybe you need a series of short & sharp social videos to drive customer growth. 

I can work collaboratively with you to develop deliverables for TV, cinema, web, or social media as required with no surprise, hidden costs.


Event Video and Live Music

Coverage for all shapes, sizes, and budgets

I love shooting live events be they conferences, talks, theatre or music. It's also something we have A LOT of experience in with both video coverage, photographic coverage, or any mix of the two.

Consultation & Development

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sometimes you have an idea but don't know where to start. Maybe you want to produce a web-series about gorillas. Or perhaps you want to livestream the birth of your child... Weird, but whatever your idea is, I can help you execute it. Just get in touch and have a chat. I love teaching people how to create content.

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