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Telling Stories Big and Small

I offer a variety of creative and innovative video, photo, and livestream production services that can be custom tailored to fit your requirements and budget.

A corporate campaign shoot for Gathar produced by Hugh Whitehouse
Hugh Whitehouse's livestreaming set up from UQ's Pitch Night

Corporate Communications

Content tailored to your objectives

Do you want to do some corporate storytelling? Or maybe you need a series of short & sharp social videos to drive customer growth. I can work collaboratively with you to develop deliverables for TV, cinema, web, or social media as required with no surprise, hidden costs.

Live Streaming

Engage with a global audience

Live streaming is a way to extend your event or presentation to a global audience. Using multi-camera acquisition we can produce HD and 4K broadcasts of your events with coverage from wide shots, close ups, slides, pre- and post- roll video, music and anything else.

A black and white photo of a live perofmance taken by Hugh Whitehouse
A production in progress produced by Hugh Whitehouse

Event Video and Live Music

From Music to Conferences & everything Inbetween

I love shooting live events - conferences, presentations, theatre or music. It's also something we have A LOT of experience in with both video coverage, photographic coverage, or any mix of the two.

Content Strategy and Development

Consulting and collaboration

Having developed content for campaigns for some of Asia Pacific's largest entertainment, lifestyle, and IT brands, I’ve got a long history of delivering content for a range of needs, purposes and budgets.

A titlecard from a training video produced by Hugh Whitehouse
A screengrab of post production edited by Hugh Whitehouse

Online Education and Training

Serve a Wider Audience

Get more clicks and provide a better learning experience with cinema quality lessons that stand out from the crowd on monetised e-learning platforms like Teachable, Udemy, and Skillshare, that have the ability to generate revenue for years to come. I’ll help you produce video at a much higher quality than you could on your own, with the same invigoration and aesthetic as if it was going to be played in a cinema.


After a fresh cut & colour?

Need something re-cut? Do you need to make a DCP (Digital Cinema Print)? Are you looking to optimise content for YouTube or online streaming? Or did you simply shoot a project and you have no idea how to put it all together? Well don't fret because I'm here to help!

A black and white photo of Hugh Whitehouse holding a Blackmagic camera

About Hugh Whitehouse

Hugh Whitehouse is a multi award-losing Video Producer, Director, Writer and Editor based out of Springwood, Queensland, Australia.

 Production Workflow


If you've got an idea for a video, a campaign or a concept to bring to life, we’ll start by getting together to talk about (1) deliverable requirements and (2) the actual executable actions for turning that idea into a reality.

During our initial conversation, we’ll tackle questions like:

  • What are the types of videos that we're looking to make?

  • Who are they for?

  • How are they going to be produced?

  • Where are they going to be produced?

  • Where are they ultimately going to be delivered? Where are they going to live?

At the end of this phase you'll have quote options, delivery timeframes, and a schedule for production of your project. A 50% initialisation payment is required to commence.


This is when we'll capture all the components we need to produce your brief. We offer various types of production services, and they scale up in terms of crew, as per the requirements.

For example, if you need to do a music video with one person and a camera, we can do a music video with one person and a camera. If you want to do corporate communications, or a live streamed event, we will often need 2-5 crew to staff a production like that. Costs associated with those productions do scale accordingly.

Depending on the project, it could be interviews with various stakeholders, B roll on site with a customer to show them using your tool, technology or product. Or it could be webinars, live music or streaming.


Post-production varies from engagement to engagement, but post production usually involves conforming, archiving, colouring and mastering your content.

I take it from RAW, log format (the format that video is initially captured in), colour grade it so it all looks beautiful, correct all the audio so that everyone sounds great, and then mix and edit all that together into the deliverables agreed to in pre-production.

During post-production we will often provide an early look at content deliverables in an unfinished format for early feedback and revision. We’ll show you where it’s up to and what we’re thinking. This is to invite discussion on how we’ve incorporated your brand and the messaging so that the final content is just right.

Review and Delivery

Once all content has been finalised we'll provide digital download links to all content deliverables as discussed in pre-production. Physical media copies of all content may also be created at this time (if required).

This typically includes master videos, a series of 30 sec - 1min social videos, and some graphic heavy 10 - 15 sec highlights; as well as caption (.srt files) and versions with captions burned into the video (CAP).

You can have a look at the entire suite of content that we've started to put together before final sign off and delivery.

A completion payment of 50% is due at this stage.

An event photograph from a startup weekend taken by Hugh Whitehouse


A collection of startup stories, pitches, BTS videos and more produced across 2016 - 2019 in South East Queensland. 

All content was produced by Hugh Whitehouse for Lestrade Digital under commission from various clients including River City Labs, ilab, Advance Queensland and others. 

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An image of a man playing guitar taken by Hugh Whitehouse

Anatomy of an Album

I caught up with Byron Short to run through each of the six albums he's produced across his career thus far.

In this episode we talk about the epic Rock'n'Roll odyssey that is "Cosmos" by the Sunset Junkies. Get an insight into the music, the stories behind it, and the band itself.

"Cosmos" by Sunset Junkies is available now where all good music is found.

Clients & Partners


UQ Ventures

Ventures reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of our community.  While you can’t predict the future, you can develop the knowledge, networks and skills to pivot between current and emerging careers and flourish wherever life takes you.


Ironbark Marketing

A boutique consultancy, specialising in the strategic direction and implementation of marketing activities for customers in the energy, resources, healthcare, construction, and technology sectors.



A leading Australian IT services and solutions provider, Data#3 Limited (DTL) is focused on helping customers solve complex business challenges using innovative technology solutions.


Lestrade Digital

A boutique creative collective specialising in profit-for-purpose film production.

Some sample stuff

I love to embrace diversity in the work that I do so here’s some sample screens covering everything from videos about autonomous mining robots to rocking live music to painting with watercolours and more.

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